We use high-end polyester gelcoat, offering a robust beautiful luxurious finish.

You can choose from the standard colors showed here, or we can have a custom color created for you. The only issue with the second option is that it might be hard to recreate the exact same color years down the line if you need a repair or something of the sort. 

Colors may vary slightly from your monitor to reality.

What is gelcoat?

Simply stated, gelcoat is the outermost layer on a fiberglass structure, designed to protect the underlying fiberglass layers. Gelcoat is a compound that produces a high-quality finish on fiberglass surfaces and incorporates a lot of chemistry, using epoxy, polyester resin, a catalyst, and other chemicals to achieve its strength and water-resistant properties. When cured, gelcoat combines with fiberglass to produce a smooth and durable surface that retards structure weakening from water intrusion and ultraviolet light. 

What is the difference between gelcoat and regular car paint?

Gelcoat is much more resistant and colors won't fade for decades. Car paint does have its place though, like when matching paint for running boards to your van's exterior (if different than pure white or black).

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It is a delicate process to imitate wood, stone, etc, but a process that we master very well! There are many choices, some examples are shown below, but more are available.

Important notes about faux finishes/veils:

  • Veils can and should only be applied to a portion of a panel where the surface is straight/flat.

  • Veils will not turn out looking great in curved areas, it would have a rippled look.

  • The maximum width of a veil is 60" - it is unfortunately impossible to perfectly align 2 stretches of veils as the seam will always be visible. On a positive note, this is usually not an issue, because the majority of vans are rigged with cabinetry, sofas, etc, so those items would hide a seam or the portion that the veil wouldn't cover.

  • If the veils are in inventory at our vendor, then the delivery is pretty quick, if it's not, the production time is 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Colors may vary slightly from your monitor to reality.





We work with a few magnificent artists who've painted thousands of boats and other surfaces.

The limits of creativity are as high as the thickness of your wallet!