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Realistically, the time from ordering to the parts being ready for delivery is approximately 15 business days once all supplies are received. We usually carry white/grey/black gelcoat and those are colors that can be ordered/received quickly. The delay might be with special/custom colors, and/or faux finishes, and/or custom graphics.

  1. Starting with the mold covered in several coats of wax (for easy release once all the steps are completed), the first thing that is applied/sprayed is the gelcoat (either solid color or graphics).

  2. If you choose a faux finish, a thin veil is worked in during the gelcoat process.

  3. Then comes the lamination process, using fiberglass fabric and a mix of chemicals (resin, catalysts, etc).

  4. Once dry, another coat/layer of lamination is applied.

  5. Once dry and hardened, the panel is released from the mold.

  6. The final step is to nicely grind/sand all the edges, and buff all the luxurious gelcoat finish.

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Content coming soon.

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The first time around, it might take two people a full day to do the installation for a full kit, but after the first one, it should take about half a day.

Steps to install a whole interior:

  1. Ceiling

  2. Floor

  3. Divider

  4. Walls


  • Screws will be needed to do the installation, and the size depends on the use your van will have.

  • A combination of screws and adhesive can also be used.

  • We recommend stainless steel screws, but any type of screws can be used.

Other notes:

  • Although the panels are tailor made, some light fairing/trimmings might be necessary for the ultimate fit.

  • There are no "special" tools that are required for the installation.

  • A fine jigsaw blade can be used for cutting holes where needed - we recommend you start with a smaller hole than needed and adjust the size as needed.


We charge $125/hr for labor, and the total time depends on how many panels are involved, but you can calculate about half a day for a full kit installation.

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Our limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in our products. The standard limited warranty for California Sprinter Interiors products is three (3) years from the date of original purchase.

This limited warranty does not cover any damage or deterioration resulting from any alteration, modification, improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, exposure to extreme natural elements, fire, improper packing and shipping (such claims must be presented to the carrier), or natural disaster.

This limited warranty does not cover any damage or deterioration resulting from any repairs attempted by anyone unauthorized by California Sprinter Interiors to make such repairs, or any other cause which does not relate directly to a defect in materials and/or workmanship of this product.

Please contact us with any warranty issue.